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This is just a test for my hotlinking

So all webmasters have problems with hotlinking. This is when someone uses an image from http://www.coolsite.com and uses it on http://www.notcoolsite.com by directly linking it from http://www.coolsite.com, thus causing bandwidth to be used up when the http://www.notcoolsite.com pages load from http://www.coolsite.com
Understand? The image is on http://www.coolsite.com’s server and all sites have some limit on bandwidth, anything above that, the webmaster/owner has to pay for it, thus causing www,coolsite.com to incur costs. Geocities had protection by showinng one image whenever someone linked to the image. I do not mean an a href but an img src and many sites are doing it. I just picked the nastiest thing I could find to show up instead of my images.

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